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We are a bunch of young enthusiastic internet professional's people who live their life online. Driven by passion we make websites on various genres where we strongly feel there's a scope of improvement.

We emphasise on values and hence always try doing our bit of work on the internet in the most ethical way we can. With a strong belief in simplicity and absolute ease of use our web products and the approach towards them reflect the same.

The idea behind making this website was to cater to the contingent of working professionals and hindi TV channel watching audience who do not have enough time to watch hindi shows or serials on TV because of their professional's commitments.

We thought of making an online catch-up TV where Hindi shows and TV serial loving audience can watch their favourite show episode and video online with complete ease from the content aggregated by us from various sources on the internet.

With a positive intent to make a good web product we hope you will like it.