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Episode No 65 : Arjun (6th april 2013)

In episode 65 of Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek Arjun, ETF investigates the death of a violinist

ETF investigates the death of a violinist, Reema Mehta, whose body is found in a suitcase, at a construction site.

Saakshi, an ex-crime reporter, joins the ETF to cover the investigation.

Reema's friends, Amit and Lubna, reveal that Reema had an affair with Varun, the Principal of a music academy.

ETF tracks down the taxi driver who had stolen the suitcase from his passenger, Prakash Palker, who happens to be Varun's father-in-law.

Prakash is found dead with a suicide note confessing his crime.
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