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Crime Patrol : Episode No 224 ( 23rd March 2013 )

Vishal Goenka, the elder son of Amarnath Goenka, a reputed Jeweler left his house one day and didn't return home till the next day. Initially Vishal's family didn't bother about his disappearance as Vishal was a drug addict, and had often stayed out for long, but when he didn't return home for a long time, Vishal family lodged a police complaint. It was learnt that Vishal had allegedly taken Rs. 2 lacs from Govardhan (Manager of the Jewelry shop) the day he went missing. His father Amarnath told that police that he had stopped giving him any money because of his indulgence in drugs. He also informed that Vishal had started borrowing from people known to Amarnath. Police launched a search operation and learnt that Vishal was married but his wife Bhavna had left him three years back, due to his wayward behavior, and bad habits. Where did Vishal go with Rs. 2 lacs? Before the police could dig deeper, there came a shocker!

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