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Episode No 288 : Crime Patrol (31st August 2013)

Madhya Pradesh: In 2008, 18 year old Ujwala gets married to Sanket Nageshwar. Ujwala's father Ganesh Dhari paya a dowry of rupees 1 lakh to her in-laws. Ujwala's life post marriage starts on a blissful note, but soon takes a turn for the worse. In 2009, Ujwala's brother Paras is getting married and during the wedding Ujwala's in-laws notice the expensive jewelry worn by Paras's bride.

A sense of anger, greed, and envy seeps inside them. Ujwala is told by her mother in law and husband to ask her father to get them a tractor, motorcycle and color TV. When Ujwala's refuses to ask her father to meet their demands, she is subjected to torture and solitary confinement in a store room without food for months.

Ujwala's father and brother come to visit her during Holi but they are not allowed to meet Ujwala. What is in store for Ujwala in the coming days? Will she be able to get out and re-unite with her parents?
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