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D3 Dil Dosti Dance : Episode No 548 ( 16th May 2013 )

In episode 548 of Dil Dostii Dance, aired on 16th May 2013, Swayam asks Rey to patch up with Tani Sharon tells Swayam that Rey and Tani's ideologies do not match as Tani had made Rey lie to Rishi about his career choice. Vicky and the gang come up with ideas to help Rey to move on with his life, after the breakup with Tani. Swayam apologises to Rey for fighting with him over Rishi and begs him to patch up with Tani. Rey rudely informs Swayam that he will not change his decision. However, in private, he yearns for Tani. Tani tells Swayam that she was right in breaking up with Rey. How will Sharon deal with the rift between Swayam and Rey? To know more, keep watching Dil Dostii Dance...

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