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Episode No 661 : D3 - Dil Dosti Dance (2nd October 2013)

In episode 662 of Dil Dostii Dance, aired on 2nd October 2013, Swayam becomes angry when Vicky bad mouths her

The D3 team become irritated on seeing Shivam's attitude. Sharon becomes tensed on Shivam's arrival. To calm Sharon, Swayam suggests Rey that the D3 team will not get involved with Shivam's team in any kind of conflicts. Shivam's team begins creating nuisance during the dance event.

The D3 team asks Shaon to disqualify KR College, but she refuses. Swayam becomes angry when Vicky bad mouths her. Later, Shivam's team from KR College give a mind blowing performance. Will Shivam challenge Swayam for a dance duel? To know more, keep watching Dil Dostii Dance...
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