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Episode No 607 : Devon Ke Dev Mahadev (17th February 2014 : Full episode)

In episode 607 of Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, aired on 17th February 2014, Sati recalls about her meeting with Mahadev

Sati recalls about her meeting with Mahadev. Aditi and Khyati show their concern for her. Mahadev remains busy with designing the sculpture, and makes a damaru. Shatbhish's army keeps an eye on Sati, in order to destroy her. They attempt to kill Sati, but Mahadev's power saves her.

Sati becomes mesmerised on listening to Mahadev's damaru. She proceeds towards the forest in search of Mahadev, and finds an incomplete idol that he has designed. Aditi and Khyati worry about Sati's whereabouts. How will Mahadev and Sati feel on meeting each other? To know more, keep watching Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev...
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