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Episode No 478 : Devon Ke Dev Mahadev (27th August 2013)

In episode 478 of Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, aired on 27th August 2013, Suryadev bestows Hanuman with wisdom

Suryadev bestows Hanuman with wisdom and becomes proud of making him, his disciple. Hanuman pays his gratitude to Suryadev for the same. Following Suryadev's advice, Hanuman vows to take Sugriva's care. Dasharatha and Sunayna felicitate Lord Rama and Sita after they arrive in Ayodhya.

They bless them for a successful marital life. Lord Brahma worries as a baby takes birth, after Parvati covers Mahadev's eyes. He predicts about the bad future of the child. How will Mahadev react about the same? To know more, keep watching Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev...
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