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Devon Ke Dev Mahadev : Episode No 596 ( 31st January 2014 )

In episode 596 of Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, aired on 31st January 2014, Mahadev decides to perform sadhana for Lakulesh Lakulesh forbids Mahadev from eating the food that Parvati has prepared. He rebukes Parvati for ruining Mahadev's sanctity, and insists her to leave Kailash. Mahadev scolds Lakulesh for insulting Parvati. He tries to make Lakulesh realise that Parvati is his wife and is Adi Shakti. Lakulesh refuses to believe the same, and loses his faith in Mahadev. Mahadev becomes tormented. He leaves Kailash, and recalls Sati. Mahadev decides to perform sadhana for Lakulesh. What will the consequences of Mahadev's sadhana be? To know more, keep watching Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev...

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