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Episode No 371 : Devon Ke Dev Mahadev (7th april 2013 : Full episode)

"In episode 371 of Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev, Jalandhar learns about his mother's murderer

Shukracharya informs Jalandhar about his mother's killer.

Jalandhar throws Indradev from the Airavata and takes the Airavata along with him. Utpal and Vidal kidnap Parvati in disguise.

Mahadev informs Ganesha that Parvati is in danger and asks him not to use his supernatural powers while saving Parvati.

Ugrasur opposes Shukracharya's decision of making Jalandhar the king of demons, but Jalandhar defeats him.

Parvati regains her power and kills Utpal and Vidal.
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