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Ek Boond Ishq : Episode No 50 ( 14th November 2013 )

In episode 49 of Ek Boond Ishkq, aired on 14th November 2013, Tara wishes to take Mrityunjay for an outing Mrityunjay learns that Tara is responsible for destroying his dark room. He becomes upset about the same. Yug advices Nandini to forget Aditya. Tara wishes to take Mrityunjay, Meethi and Aditya on an outing. She persuades Jairaaj to convince Mrityunjay. Jairaaj learns that Mrityunjay's dark room has been vandalised, Mrityunjay saves Tara by taking the blame on himself. Rudra receives a call from an anonymous women. He becomes surprised about the same. Tara decides to humiliate Mrityunjay during the trip. What is Tara's next move? To know more, keep watching Ek Boondh Ishkq....

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