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Ek Hasina Thi : Episode No 105 ( 14th August 2014 )

In episode 106 of Ek Hasina Thi, aired on 14th August 2014, Durga breaks her engagement with Shaurya The priest predicts that Shaurya might die, if he gets married to Durga. However, Sakshi is adamant on her decision of getting Durga married to Shaurya. Durga tells the Goenka family that she will not put Shaurya's life in danger. She breaks her engagement with Shaurya. Shaurya suspects that Sakshi has bribed the priest. Sakshi suggests Shaurya to go on a holiday. Suchitra decides to seek a second opinion regarding Shaurya's compatibility with Durga. Will Shaurya be able to convince Durga to marry him? To know more, keep watching Ek Hasina Thi...

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