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Gumrah Season 3 : Episode No 15 ( 13th October 2013 )

In episode 15 of Gumrah Season 3, aired on 13th October 2013, Uttara kills Romit for breaking her trust Romit and Uttara are childhood friends. Arya is fascinated by Uttara and is jealous of Romit and Uttara's closeness. Romit professes his love to Uttara and they get intimate with each other. Arya captures a video of the same and threatens Uttara to get intimate with him. Later, Uttara records an obscene video of Arya's sister, Rimi. Arya informs Uttara that Romit getting intimate with her was preplanned. An infuriated Uttara kills Romit for breaking her trust. Watch new episodes of Gumrah Season 3 on Channel V...

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