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Gumrah Season 3 : Episode No 11 ( 15th September 2013 )

In episode 11 of Gumrah Season 3, aired on 8th September 2013, Kabir pours kerosene and burns himself Kabir's mother, Sophia, is a beautician. Kabir befriends Sudhir's gang. Later, he befriends Anusha, Sophia's client. Sudhir's friends persuade Kabir to propose to Anusha and they misbehave with her. Anusha's father files a complaint against them. Meanwhile, Kabir's father dies and Anusha's father takes his complaint back. Kabir apologises to Anusha, but in vain. To prove his innocence, Kabir pours kerosene on him and burns himself. Sophia tries to stop him. He loses his vision and Sophia. Watch new episodes of Gumrah Season 3 on Channel V...

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