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Gumrah Season 3 : Episode No 12 ( 22nd September 2013 )

In episode 12 of Gumrah Season 3, aired on 22nd September 2013, Rahul leaves Rhea on the railway track Rahul loses his parents in an accident and his sister, Rhea, suffers from cortical blindness. As Rhea stays alone in the house, her neighbour, Sanjay, sneaks into the house and misbehaves with her. Rahul rebukes Sanjay. Rhea becomes completely dependent on Rahul. Later, Rahul admits Rhea to a blind school, but in vain. He decides to get rid of Rhea and tries to leave her in a railway station, but in vain. Later, he leaves her on the railway track, while the train is arriving. Later, he is imprisoned. Watch new episodes of Gumrah Season 3 on Channel V...

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