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Hatim : Episode No 1 ( 28th December 2013 )

In episode 1 of The Adventures of Hatim, aired on 28th December 2013, Zargam kills Nausherwan Peer informs Nausherwan that Zargam has chosen evil powers. He informs Nausherwan that his son can save the universe from Zargam, and asks him to keep his wife's pregnancy, a secret. Later, Nausherwan hands over his baby to Peer and requests him to protect his son. Zargam attacks Nausherwan and kills him and his wife. Peer places the baby in a wooden box and sets it afloat in the sea. Hasan, prince of Yemen, finds the baby and informs his father. The King of Yemen names the baby as Hatim. Will Zargam learn about Hatim? To know more, keep watching The Adventures Of Hatim...



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