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Starring: Mahendra Sandhu, Asha Sachdev, Iftekhar, Pinchoo Kapoor, Nazir Hussain, Rehana Sultan, Helen

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The kidnapping of a prominent scientist, Ajay Saxena (Nazir Hussain) prompts the Chief of Secret Services (K.N. Singh) to assign flamboyant Agent Vinod (Mahendra Sandhu) to this case. While on this assignment, Vinod meets with Anju Saxena (Asha Sachdev). Together they confront the abductors of her dad, Madanlal (Iftekhar), with the help of Chandu alias James Bond (Jagdeep) and his gypsy girlfriend (Jayshree T.).

Watch Hindi movie Agent Vinod - Old starring Mahendra Sandhu.
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