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Yeh Kaali Kaali Raatein

CATEGORY : Horror Show

TV CHANNEL : Sahara One



What happens to us when we die? Do we disappear into nothing... or do we survive in some manner, able to return? Do you believe in ghosts, in vampires? Can we communicate with our loved ones even when they have passed away? Will you ever believe that your most intimate partner, your spouse/beloved for whom your heart beats passionately is a ghost? Have you ever stayed in a haunted house? Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night sweating, feeling that someone is around you, but there is no one there? Does the full moon actually have an effect on you? How would you react if you looked in the mirror and saw no reflection? Many questions, no answers! But trying to find answers between the dusk that signals the end of a day, and the dawn that signifies the start of a new lie. Sahara One on its growth path brings to you a one hour HORROR BAND with Vikram Bhatt's ''HAUNTED NIGHTS', produced by The Entertainment Hub and 'YEH KALI KALI RAATEIN' produced by Eagle Films which will offer you quality but 'Haunted Entertainment' full of spine-chilling horror and diverse shades of romance, one of its unique kind.



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