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Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath : Episode No 202 ( 11th May 2013 )

In episode 202 of Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath, aired on 11th May 2013, the police catch hold of Shakuna Shakuna, who can fly like a bird, kills two boys who were camping in the forest. During the investigation, Shakuna attacks Kashish and Ranveer. ACP Diler visits the tribes and learns about Shakuna. He figures out that Shakuna flies with the help of the air. Kashish informs ACP Diler that Shakuna had escaped from the mental asylum, and was a gymnast. The police put big screens around the tribal village to control the speed of the air. With Varun's help, the police catch hold of Shakuna. Watch new episodes of Humne Li Hai... Shapath on Life Ok...

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