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Mata Ki Chowki

Mata Ki Chowki

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Serial Concept: The Hindu shastras call this the age of Kalyug; an era where evil prevails over good and humanity seems to have lost all moral values & spirituality. Mata Ki Chowki, embarks on a journey of the restitution of good over evil. The story revolves around Vaishnavi, an orphan girl who is found by the Pandit couple of Vaishno Devi shrine who are childless even after nine years of marriage. She is popularly called "Mata Ki Beti" since she's actively involved in preaching about Mata, sings Jagrata, motivates people to follow preachings of Mata and rescues people from pain and misery, all of which are seen as miracles by the masses.

The story takes a drastic turn when Vaishnavi marries in to an house where she has to negotiate against all the evil misdeeds of her in - laws, in order to protect her loved ones. Her faith in Mata sees her sail through every possible hurdle that life throws at her while at the same time her good deeds towards enlightening the masses raises her divine personality amongst them.

Vaishnavi arduous task was taken over by her daughter, Saakshi, after Vaishnavi was brutally murdered by her evil father-in-law, Sheel Kumar. Mata Ki Chowki is the true portrayal of Good V/S Evil in the modern world.

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3 Reviews
Sagarmistribest show on Santa one pls you telecast mata ki chowki 2PrashantCan any one help me to download mata ki chawki episode 82 to 92. Plz send me download link to downlod these on my email kumarmishra.prashant@ gmail.comNamrataI like mata ki chowki
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