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Episode No 6 : Indias Dancing Superstar (12th May 2013)

Ashish Patil from Mumbai, who is not trained in any form of dance, impresses the judges with his own style of Fusion. The judges decide to give him a ticket for the next level.

Sanjay Sharma wins the Sapnon Ka Ticket with his dance. Next, Amardeep receives the Sapnon Ka Ticket. Sadhvi, David, Sushant, H-Boys group, BB Performing Arts also win the ticket. Bolt and Tiko win the Sapnon Ka Ticket.
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3 Reviews
Vikram Singh RattanI loveu idsVipin Singhi love indin's dancing super starSachin Morewoh..! wow..
i like to watch Indias Dancing Superstar Show.
i like it very much bcoz i love Dance n i like to dancing very much..

So thanks to IDS for such a giving oportunity to whom who hv dance talented.

n i like to Watching Dance..
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