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Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild

CATEGORY : Infotainment Show

TV CHANNEL : Discovery Channel



This brand new four-part series sees the iconic former cricketer throw himself with typical passion into his latest extreme challenge, with each episode putting Freddie into the very heart of the greatest wildlife spectacles on Earth. Approaching the series in his own inimitable style and with his trademark sense of gusto, Freddie exhibits his deep held love of life in the wild. Throughout the series, he escorts viewers on a journey into untamed Nature and guides them through the world's most exciting natural events as we've never seen them before. He would not claim to be a wildlife expert, but after a life spent at the summit of sport, he is hungry to find other experiences that give him the same buzz. Never one to recoil from danger, Freddie possesses the raw courage required to risk all for the sake of a truly extraordinary experience. Prepare to be wowed by Freddie in the wild. As he crosses the Serengeti in the middle of the annual wildebeest migration with just a Masai tracker for company, and journeys into the deepest Bornean jungle on the trail of the elusive pygmy elephant, the former England cricket captain underscores what it is like to be part of Nature on its own terms.



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