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Mahabharat Star Plus : Episode No 130 ( 10th March 2014 )

In episode 130 of Mahabharat, aired on 10th March 2014, Takshak accepts his defeat Sahadev informs Arjun that he will bring his Gandiv from Draupadi's room. However, Arjun enters Draupadi's room himself, and takes his Gandiv. He goes in search of the cows. He finds the cows, and fights with Takshak. He confines Takshak within a circle of fire. Takshak accepts his defeat in the hands of Arjun. Arjun returns to Indraprastha with the cows. He decides to go on a pilgrimage, and perform tapasya. Krishna suggests Arjun to perform his tapasya in the Somnath temple. Will Takshak avenge his defeat? To know more, keep watching Mahabharat....

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