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Episode No 110 : Mahabharat Star Plus (14th February 2014)

In episode 110 of Mahabharat, aired on 14th February 2014, Draupadi gets married to the Pandavas

Shakuni confronts Karna for not competing with Arjun and Bheem, in the Swayamvara. He suggests Duryodhan to become the king of Hastinapur, before Dhritarashtra learns that the Pandavas are alive. On Drupad's insistence, Ved Vyas seeks the Pandavas' promise on few things pertaining to their marital life.

Ved Vyas informs the Pandavas that Draupadi will be married to each Pandava for an year. Bheem announces that Draupadi will be the queen of their dynasty. Draupadi gets married to the Pandavas. Will Duryodhan become the king of Hastinapur? To know more, keep watching Mahabharat....
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