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Episode No 89 : Mahabharat Star Plus (17th January 2014)

In episode 89 of Mahabharata, aired on 17th January 2014, Krishna destroys Drupad's army

Krishna meets Draupadi near Kampilya. Drona arrives at Kampilya to bless Dhrishtadyumna. He decides to return Drupad's kingdom to him, to befriend him. Drupad invites Drona for a duel. Later, Drona surrenders himself, and asks Dhrishtadyumna to kill him. Dhrishtadyumna runs towards Drona with his sword, but Krishna's Kaumodaki stops him.

Drupad instructs his army to attack Krishna. Krishna destroys his army, and instructs his Kaumodaki to kill Drupad. Draupadi tries to rescue Drupad. Will Draupadi be able to save Drupad? To know more, keep watching Mahabharata...
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