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Mahabharat Star Plus : Episode No 137 ( 18th March 2014 )

In episode 137 of Mahabharat, aired on 18th March 2014, Karna captures Jarasandh Shakuni informs Duryodhan that if Jarasandh performs Rajasuya, then the Kuru kingdom will have to support him, and the Pandavas will have to fight against Krishna. He sends a message to Karna about their captivity. Vrushali tries to stop Karna, but in vain. Karna fights with Jarasandh, and captures him. Shakuni suggests Jarasandh to perform Rajasuya. Krishna advises Yudhishthir to build a palace with the help of Mayasur for Rajasuya, and to defeat Jarasandh. Will Jarasandh perform Rajasuya? To know more, keep watching Mahabharat....

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