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Episode No 12 : Mahabharat Star Plus (1st October 2013 : Full episode)

In episode 12 of Mahabharat, aired on 1st October 2013, Dhritarashtra marries Gandhari

Gandhari takes an oath and blindfolds herself. Dhritarashtra looks forward to his wedding with Gandhari. Satyavati stops Gandhari from entering the wedding ceremony.

She learns about Gandhari's oath and refuses to accept her. Dhritarashtra rejects Gandhari. Bhishma asks Gandhari, the reason for her decision.

Gandhari explains and persuades them to accept her. Dhritarashtra marries Gandhari, for the welfare of Hastinapur. Gandhari requests her servant to remove all her jewellery. Lord Krishna preaches a few human values. Will Dhritarashtra accept Gandhari wholeheartedly? To know more, keep watching Mahabharat....
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