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Episode No 91 : Mahabharat Star Plus (21st January 2014)

In episode 91 of Mahabharat, aired on 21st January 2014, Krishna enlightens Draupadi about the purpose of her birth

Drupad repents for his mistakes, and apologises to Drona. Krishna suggests Drona to accept Dhrishtadyumna as his student. Draupadi leaves Kampilya. Shikhandini tries to bring her back, but in vain. Krishna plays a prank on Draupadi. He enlightens Draupadi about the purpose of her birth, and brings her back to Kampilya.

Arjun and Yudhishthir find that Hidimba is missing. Hidimbi asks Hidimba to bring the Pandavas to an isolated place. Will Hidimba follow Hidimbi's instructions? To know more, keep watching Mahabharat...
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