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Episode No 28 : Mahabharat Star Plus (23rd October 2013)

In episode 28 of Mahabharata aired on 23rd October 2013, Bhishma becomes delighted by Karna's chariot driving skills

Gandhari gives birth to hundred baby boys. Fifteen years pass. Karna drives a chariot and wins the challenge with his excellent archery skills. Bhishma becomes delighted with Karna's chariot driving skills and awards him with hundred gold coins.

Bhishma suggests Sushena to send Karna to Magadh if he is interested in archery, as only Kshatriyas are allowed to learn archery in Hastinapur and Panchal. Duryodhan decides to take revenge on a fisherman, but Shakuni stops him. What will Shakuni's next move be? To know more, keep watching Mahabharata....
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