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Episode No 7 : Mahabharat Star Plus (24th September 2013)

In episode 07 of Mahabharat, aired on 24th September 2013, Amba gets a rebirth as Shikhandini

Parashurama and Bhishma fight furiously. Ganga pleads with Lord Shiva to stop the war between the two. Lord Shiva intervenes between Parashurama and Bhisma. Amba seeks justice from Lord Shiva. She wishes for rebirth in order to take revenge on Bhishma. A girl is born to King Drupada and is named Shikhandini.

King Drupada's father is happy that Shikhandini will take revenge on Bhishma. Lord Krishna preaches a few human values. King Subala decides to find a suitable groom for Gandhari. Subala comes to know that Gandhara will be attacked. Who attacks the kingdom of Gandhara? To know more, keep watching Mahabharat...
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