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Episode No 32 : Mahabharat Star Plus (29th October 2013)

In episode 32 of Mahabharata aired on 29th October 2013, Bhishma suggests Shakuni to return to Gandhar

Satyavati decides not to return to Hastinapur and asks Vidur to make Yudhishthir as the next ruler of Hastinapur. The citizens of Hastinapur are unhappy with Dhritarashtra's decision of appointing Duryodhan as his successor.

Bhishma suggests Shakuni to return to Gandhar and asks him to convey to Dhritarashtra, not to appoint Duryodhan as his successor, till Pandu's sons come to Hastinapur. Shakuni persuades Dhritarashtra to convince Vidur to announce Duryodhan as his successor. Karna decides to learn archery and leaves Hastinapur. Will Vidur agree with Dhritarashtra? To know more, keep watching Mahabharata....
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