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Mahabharat Star Plus : Episode No 11 ( 30th September 2013 )

In episode 11 of Mahabharat, aired on 30th September 2013, Gandhari decides to marry Dhritarashtra Gandhari becomes upset on learning about Dhritarashtra. Shakuni calls King Subala, a traitor. Shakuni tries to cancel the wedding but Gandhari stops him. She decides to marry Dhritarashtra. Shakuni tries to convince her, but in vain. Gandhari blows out all the lamps in her room, to adapt to her fear of darkness. Ambika tells Dhritarashtra that Gandhari is beautiful. Dhritarashtra becomes happy about the same. Gandhari decides to blindfold herself. Will Dhritarashtra marry Gandhari? To know more, keep watching Mahabharat...

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