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Episode No 81 : Mahabharat Star Plus (7th January 2014)

In episode 81 of Mahabharata aired on 7th January 2014, Bhishma finds the burnt weapons of the Pandavas

Bhishma finds the burnt weapons of the Pandavas in the ruined palace. He assumes that the Pandavas are no more. He returns to Hastinapur with the burnt weapons of the Pandavas and immerses them in the holy river, Ganga. The kingdom of Hastinapur grieves over the demise of the Pandavas.

Bhishma decides to punish Duryodhan for his misdeeds. Vidura tells Bhishma that he had alerted Yudhisthir about Duryodhan and Shakuni's conspiracy, and the Pandavas might be alive. Arjun suggests his brothers to disguise as Brahmins. Will the Pandavas stay in disguise? To know more, keep watching Mahabharat....
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VssmurthyMost excellent serial everbeforeVssmurthyMost excellent serial everbefore
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