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Episode No 20 : Maharana Pratap (27th June 2013)

War between Rana Udaysingh and Shamskhan -- Pratap challenges Inayat Khan. Shamskhan gets to know about Jouhar and urgently sends one of his soldiers to stop the Jouhar practice.

Pratap motivates his soldiers to reach near the flag as he wants to hoist Mewar's Flag. Will he succeed? Will Shamskhan's soldier kill Rani Jaivanta Bai?
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1 Reviews
GuestShow is wonderful.There were bad things and goo things about Muslim Rulers .
Bad: they came from another contry to rule India.
Great thing: They brought India under one flag.
Before Muslims india was divided into 16 states based upon language and religious values and all were thirsty forb each others blood.
They developed Indian economy and during Muslim rule India became so welthy to be called as "Golden Bird."
They never changed the religion of Hindu public o after 600 years of rule India still remained as Hindu majority.
They may be forieners but excellent and very fair rulers.
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