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O Gujariyabadlein Chal Duniya : Episode No 48 ( 23rd August 2014 )

In episode 48 of O Gujariya : Badlein Chal Duniya, aired on 23rd August 2014, Mr. Rao tests Vaibhavi's administrative capabilities Shaurya leads the students in a protest against a food supplier. Two members of the catering union, Nanhe and Rajesh, refuse to fulfill the demands of the students. Nanhe tries to disrupt the decorum of the college. Ada and Natasha help Vaibhavi in exposing Nanhe, with the help of the media. Vaibhavi learns that Mr. Rao had planned the protest in the college, to test the administrative capabilities of her and Shaurya. Mr. Rao asks Vaibhavi to manage the canteen of the college. Will Vaibhavi be able to execute the task? To know more, keep watching O Gujariya : Badlein Chal Duniya...

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