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Jai Maa Durga

CATEGORY : Old Tv Serial


Prince Surath of Chandranagri is a descendant of Manu and he is the chosen one who will rebuild the destroyed temple of Durga. The story revolves around Surath and his consort, Sumukhi, the princess of neighboring Vijaydurg. Sumukhi is a devout worshipper of the goddess Durga. Their parents decide to get them married and their chance meeting in the ruins of the temple is designed by divine forces, to inspire them rebuild the temple. This temple has been lying in complete ruins for a few centuries, and Surath's ancestors appear to him to make him aware of his duty, as does the goddess Durga, who appears on earth in the form of nine little girls. The love story is filled with a lot of dramatic plots. Surath is overthrown from the throne, and he meets the sage, Medha Rishi. The Rishi tells the prince the story of Durga and thus makes him a devout follower of the goddess, leading to a stronger motivation to rebuild the temple. However, rebuilding will not be an easy task, since the evil forces will do anything in their power to hinder the process. It is the story of relationships, and how circumstances affect the relationships. The love story between Sumukhi and Surath goes through upheavals because of strong beliefs in honour and duty, and also betrayal and distrust. True love may or may not overcome all obstacles. It is the story of devotion. Sumukhi turns to the unseen force whenever she is in trouble. So strong is her belief that the goddess makes herself visible to her in the form of nine little girls. Sumukhi knows that she is always protected by the creator of the universe.



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