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Paanch 5 Wrong Makes A Right : Episode No 4 ( 5th December 2013 )

In episode 4 of Paanch 5 wrong makes A right, aired on 5th December 2013, the police interrogate Roy regarding the drug Roshni learns that Gauti is Gauri's brother. Gauti informs her about the unity in Gauri's gang. Roshni wants to impress Gauri's gang. On seeing Roy's involvement in drug rackets, Roshni informs the police. She finds a packet of drug and disposes it. Gauti learns about the same. The police raid the college and interrogate Roy. They leave Roy after failing to gather evidences against him. Gauti informs Gauri's gang that Roshni has saved Roy from the police. They try to befriend her. Will Gauri's gang learn about Roshni's plot? To know more, keep watching Paanch 5 wrong makes A right...

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