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Episode No 34 : Ramayan - Zee TV (31st March 2013)

Lord Ram and Lakshman enjoy their berries and move on their way to meet Sugreev. Lord Ram on his way stay bothered about Queen Sita's health and wellbeing. Queen Sita on the other hand is drowned in the memories of Lord Ram. She further gets furious on Mandodari hence complaining about her husband's behaviour and his sin of arresting Queen Sita in his kingdom.

Raavan on the other hand, realizes his wife's jealousy against Queen Sita. He refuses to set Queen Sita free. Lord Ram and Lakshman reach at the mountain's base where Sugreev and his men reside.

Neil, on amongst Sugreev's men, inform Sugreev about Lord Ram and Lakshman. Sugreev , Jaamwant and Sugreev's men develop mixed feelings about Lord Ram and Lakshman. They also stay bothered of the brother duos to be their enemy. Sugreev suggests sending Hanuman to deal with Lord Ram and Laksman. Hanuman wears a disguise of a young sage and catch the eyes of Lord Ram and Lakshman.
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