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Ringa Ringa Roses : Episode No 2 ( 1st December 2013 )

In episode 2 of Khauff Begins - Ringa Ringa Roses, aired on 1st December 2013, JD meets with an accident Rose's spirit drags Shivani into a refrigerator, in an ice cream parlour. JD becomes infuriated on recalling about his court martial for killing Rose. Roohi and Maitri sneak out of the house and head towards the market. JD invites a spirit from a Ouija board and learns that Rose's spirit is in an ice cream parlour. Roohi and Maitri visit the ice cream parlour, but JD saves them from Rose's spirit and Subbu captures it. Later, Rose's spirit gets released. JD meets with an accident, planned by Rose's spirit. Watch new episodes of Khauff Begins - Ringa Ringa Roses on Life OK...

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