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Sadda Haq My Life My Choice : Episode No 91 ( 10th March 2014 )

In episode 90 of Sadda Haq - My Life My Choice, aired on 10th March 2014, Vardhan rejoins the dream team The students of the dream team play a recording of Neeharika's poem in front of Vardhan, to make him realise about her concern for him. Vardhan reveals to the dream team that he had pretended to leave the team, to test their loyalty towards him. Vardhan becomes impressed with the students, and rejoins the dream team. He asks them to prepare a report on engines, and appoints Randhir as the captain of the dream team. Randhir misbehaves with the team members. Will he be able to take up the responsibilities? To know more, keep watching Sadda Haq - My Life My Choice...

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