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Sadda Haq My Life My Choice : Episode No 44 ( 14th January 2014 )

In episode 44 of Sadda Haq - My Life My Choice, aired on 14th January 2014, Randhir rescues Sanyukta Sanyukta succeeds in finding Randhir. She tries to convince him to return to the college with her, but in vain. Sanyukta slaps the men, who were following her, with an intention of making Randhir fight with them, and accompany her till the college. Randhir fights with the men, and rescues Sanyukta. He carries Sanyukta, as she is hurt and unable to walk. Randhir becomes angry at Sanyukta for the chaos. He agrees to drop her till the college. Will Randhir return to the college? To know more, keep watching Sadda Haq - My Life My Choice...

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