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Episode No 521 : Sasural Simar Ka (22nd march 2013)

Naina comes to the Bharadwaj house where everyone is upset about Roli's death. Simar and Siddhant get shocked to see Naina in front of every member of Bharadwaj house.

Naina who was just about to leave faints in front of everyone.

Stay tuned to know what happens next.

Sasural Simar Ka is the journey of an ordinary young small town girl, Simar, who has grown up with strong middle class values.

Her life takes a sharp turn when her passion for dancing clashes with the conservative values of the middle class.

She starts chasing her dream with support from her husband, but without letting anyone else in the family know.

This hide and seek creates many challenging and interesting situations which are dealt with in a light hearted way.
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