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Episode No 326 : Savdhan India (17th April 2013)

In episode 249 of Savdhaan India - India Fights Back, aired on 17th April 2013, Reshma's father sells her to a brothel

Reshma's father sells her to a brothel. Reshma prefers to die, instead of choosing prostitution as her profession. Noor offers her a bottle of poison. As Reshma drinks it, he reveals to her that the bottle consists of water. Reshma decides to make her career in dancing. Later, Noor gets her married to Junaid. Reshma leaves him when he tries to sell their daughter. Before dying, Noor takes a promise from Reshma to take care of the other prostitutes. Reshma reforms them and wins an election. Watch new episodes of Savdhaan India -- India Fights Back on Life Ok...
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