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Savdhan India : Episode No 347 ( 9th May 2013 )

In episode 272 of Savdhaan India - India Fights Back, aired on 9th May 2013, Ashok brings Rachna to justice Ashok invites his college friend, Rishabh, to stay in his house. Rishabh tries to flirt with Ashok's wife, Rachna. Ashok suspects Rachna of having an extra-marital affair with Rishabh. Rachna becomes shocked when she learns that Ashok has decided to divorce her. She tries to convince Ashok, but in vain. Rachna files a complaint against Rishabh for raping and blackmailing her. The police arrest Rishabh. Ashok becomes shocked on learning that Rachna cheated her, and brings her to justice. Watch new episodes of Savdhaan India -- India Fights Back on Life Ok...

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