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Shastri Sisters : Episode No 1 ( 21st July 2014 )

The story starts with Pappu making a video of the neighbors asking their opinion about Shastriji and his four daughters, who are shifting to New Delhi. Later, a neighbor goes to Shastriji's house to take her toaster back and meets Anushka there. She asks about Devyani and Anushka tells her that Devyani has gone to the market to fetch some packing materials. On the other hand, Devyani who is on her way back from the market meets Pappu who has a crush on her. Devyani asks Pappu to carry her bags home. Reaching home, Devyani asks about Alka and Anushka tells her that Alka has gone to meet Rani Bhabi. Meanwhile, Alka meets Rajiv who confesses his love for her and asks for her reply, and before Alka can reply Rani's husband comes home. There at home, Peeya the youngest of the four, tells Anushka and Devyani that she does not want to go to Delhi. Hearing this, Alka also seconds her opinion and the four decide to wait as their father has gone to stop the transfer. Watch the episode and know what happens next.

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