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Episode No 469 : Suvreen Guggal (20th November 2013)

In episode 469 of Suvreen Guggal, aired on 20th November 2013, Mohan wants to file a case against Manini

Manini asks Yuvraj and Samar to leave her company. Yuvraj makes Manini realise that his colleagues are against her. Mohan wants to file a case against Manini for delaying his delivery. Yuvraj shows his concern towards Suvreen. Manini bribes an executive, Mr. Rana, and gets the Wing Airlines tender. She demands an advance payment from Mr. Rana for the production, but he refuses. Manini becomes shocked on learning that her bank account has been frozen. Alisha confesses her misdeeds to Yuvraj. Will Manini be able to sustain her business? To know more, keep watching Suvreen Guggal...
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