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Episode No 855 : The Buddy Project (20th December 2013)

In episode 235 of The Buddy Project - Now in College, aired on 20th December 2013, KD and Ranveer play a prank on Piddi

Piddi's buddies wish to find a girlfriend for him. Kiya is impressed with KD. Panchi becomes glad with Ranveer for supporting her. She enquires Piddi about his choice of a girl. KD and Ranveer play a prank on Piddi. They ask the college girls to impress Piddi, but in vain. Piddi becomes annoyed at Ranveer and KD for making fun of him.

Panchi and Kiya try to help Piddi in befriending a girl, but Piddi rejects the girl. Ranveer discusses about the new year party with the buddies. Will Panchi accompany him to the new year party? To know more, keep watching The Buddy Project - Now in College...
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