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The Buddy Project : Episode No 359 ( 6th July 2013 )

In episode 95 of The Buddy Project - Now in College, aired on 6th July 2013, KD confronts his father Ranveer and Piddi motivate KD to profess his love to Kiya. KD becomes nervous, and fails to do so. KD confronts his father on learning about his association with a corrupt police inspector. KD's father asks him to leave the house. Ranveer consoles KD on seeing him frustrated. Ranveer and KD become intoxicated, late at night. KD and Kiya become nervous while professing their love to each other. KD's father becomes shocked on learning that the police is going to raid the Imperial College's party. What will happen in the party? To know more, keep watching The Buddy Project - Now in College...

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