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Tumhari Paakhi : Episode No 38 ( 1st January 2014 )

In episode 38 of Tumhari Paakhi, aired on 1st January 2014, Ayaan's teacher becomes furious at Paakhi Paakhi learns about the phone calls made to Anshuman, from her mobile. She discovers that Ayaan is responsible for the same. Buaji asks Lavanya to accept Paakhi. Anshuman reminds Paakhi about her challenge. Paakhi decides to meet Ayaan's teacher to discuss about him. Anshuman learns that Ayaan is using his teacher to execute his plan. He distracts Paakhi and stops her from meeting Ayaan's teacher. Ayaan instigates his teacher against Paakhi. Ayaan's teacher becomes furious at Paakhi. What will Paakhi do about the same? To know more, keep watching Tumhari Paakhi....

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