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D3 Dil Dosti Dance

CATEGORY : Tv Serial

TV CHANNEL : Channel V



  • Reyaansh Singhania

    (Rey) (Kunwar Amarjeet Singh)

  • Sharon Rai Prakash

    (Sneha Kapoor)

  • Vikramjeet Singh Rathore

    (Vicky) (Archi (Pratik Kalsi)

  • Nilesh Khanna

    (Macedon D'Mello)

  • Simi Gujral

    (Samentha Fernandes)

  • Rini Shah

    (Priyanka Soni)

  • Kria Ghai

    (Shakti Mohan)

  • Swayam Shekhawat

    (Shantanu Maheshwari)

  • Neha Ranchod

    (Alisha Singh)

  • Vishakha

    (Vinti Idlani)

  • Amar

    (Amar Gowda)

  • Bharath

    (Bharat Ragathi)

  • RDX

    (Ravi Dixit) (Anirudh Deo)

  • Principal Sir

  • Karan Singh Grover


  • Prof. Karan Mallik

    (Karan Singh Grover)

Dil Dostii Dance is an Indian teenage drama, with a dance theme, that airs on Channel [V] India.The story follows Kria, a 17 year old girl from the town of Dehradun. Her passion is to dance. But her mother doesn't allow her to dance. and so, kria gets into St Louis College in Mumbai, where she can secretly dance. But to her surprise, her college is divided into two rival groups, the Dazzlers and the Weaklings. The Dazzlers are children of rich parents, and have a clear superiority complex. The team is led by Sharon Rai Prakash, Reyaansh or Rey Singhania, Vicky, Nilesh, Simi and Rini. Kria holds her own and decides to form a dance team to compete against the Dazzlers in the upcoming nationwide dance competition - Footloose. She calls her team the "Weaklings" and it consists of her, Neha, Vishaka, Bharat, Swayam and Amar.



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